(NASHVILLE) –   Last week State Senator Ken Yager (R-Kingston) had the youngest county commissioner in the state, Eli Anderson, as his page on the Senate floor for the first day of the 111th General Assembly.  Anderson, age 18, is a senior at Wartburg Central High School and represents the sixth district on the Morgan County Commission.

“I enjoyed my time in the State Senate with Senator Yager,” said Anderson. “I was glad to have this experience to learn more about the state legislature and further my knowledge and study of government. It is my hope that what I’ve learned here will help me better serve Morgan County. I want to thank Senator Yager for allowing me to be a guest in the Senate.”

Anderson’s duties as a Senate Page consisted of anything from making copies, running errands, to distributing legislative information to members of the General Assembly.

“Mr. Anderson is a bright young man with a promising future ahead of him,” said Senator Yager. “I applaud his desire to run for the county commission to better his local community and I was happy to have him as my guest. I look forward to working with Mr. Anderson as he serves on the Morgan County Commission.”

Yager and Anderson

Yager and Anderson