(NASHVILLE), October 2019 – State Senator Ken Yager (R-Kingston) and Representative John Mark Windle (D-Livingston) announced today that Wartburg will receive $266,181 through Community Development Block Grants (CDBG).   Yager and Windle made the announcement after receiving the information from the Department of Economic and Community Development (ECD). 

The grant is to be used for a fire protection project to purchase one pumper fire truck to serve the Wartburg Volunteer Fire Departments service area.

“These funds will help tremendously in advancing fire protection for our citizens,” said Senator Yager.  “I am very pleased that these funds are forthcoming, especially because there was intense competition for limited grant money.  I also appreciate the excellent work by our local officials in helping to secure the funds and the department’s attention to this needed project.”

“I am very appreciative for this grant to upgrade fire protection services in Wartburg,” said Rep. Windle.  “The health and safety of Tennesseans is of the upmost importance.  This is much needed and I applaud the great work from our local officials, the Governor’s office and ECD.”

The funds were allocated under a procedure authorized by the Tennessee General Assembly.  ECD administers the grant program based on priorities set at the local level where community needs are best known.