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Tennessee’s 12th Senatorial District spans seven counties along the scenic Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee’s Eastern and Middle grand divisions. Campbell, Fentress, Morgan, Pickett, Rhea, Roane and Scott counties make up the district.

The 12th District is a mostly rural district located along U.S. Hwy. 27 and U.S. Hwy. 127. Its most notable residents include Father of the United Nations, Cordell Hull (Byrdstown, Pickett County); U.S. Senate Majority Leader and President Ronald Reagan’s White House Chief of Staff, Howard H. Baker Jr. (Huntsville, Scott County); World War I hero Sgt. Alvin C. York (Pall Mall, Fentress County); singer and actress Grace Moore (Jellico, Campbell County); and astronaut Roger Crouch (Jamestown, Fentress County).

The district is steeped in history. In the 1830s, a portion of the Trail of Tears ran through Rhea County as Native Americans were removed from lands in the southeast as part of the Indian Removal Act of 1830. In the 1860s, much of what is now the 12th District split with Tennessee’s decision to secede from the Union. In Scott County, voters rejected the move to secede by a vote of 541-19, and the county court later passed a formal resolution to secede from Tennessee and form the Independent State of Scott. Campbell County became the first Tennessee county to form a Union army unit, Company B of the 1st Tennessee Infantry at Jacksboro. In 1925, the Scopes Trial, centered around the issue of teaching evolution in public classrooms, took place in Rhea County and was the nation’s first nationally-broadcast trial. Oak Ridge played a major role in the Manhattan Project from 1942-1945, where thousands of government employees were involved in the development of processes of uranium enrichment.

The 12th District is home to two national parks — the Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area in Fentress, Morgan, Pickett and Scott counties, and the Obed Wild & Scenic River in Morgan County — as well as a number of state parks, state forests, and four popular reservoirs.

The district is home to Dale Hollow Lake (Pickett County), Norris Lake (Campbell County), Watts Bar Lake (Roane and Rhea counties) and Lake Chickamauga (Rhea County). The Cumberland Trail passes through parts of the district, and Historic Rugby, a historical English settlement, is located in Morgan County.

State parks include Cordell Hull (Pickett County), Cove Lake (Campbell County), Cumberland Trail (Campbell County), Frozen Head (Morgan County), Indian Mountain (Campbell County), Pickett (Pickett County) and Sgt. Alvin C. York (Fentress County).

The district is also home to two of Tennessee’s largest wildlife management areas: North Cumberland WMA (145,000 acres in Campbell, Morgan and Scott counties) and Catoosa WMA (Morgan County).

Historically, the district’s key industries were mining, timber and agriculture. Today, some of the biggest employers include UT-Battelle Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Thermo Fisher Scientific in Roane County, Camel Manufacturing and A&S Building Systems in Campbell County, La-Z-Boy and Lear Manufacturing in Rhea County, Micro Metals and Camel Manufacturing in Fentress County, and Tennier Industries and Great Dane Trailers in Scott County. TVA is also a major employer in the district.

The 12th District is also home to a TVA coal-fired powere plant in Kingston (Roane County) and a TVA nuclear power plant in Spring City (Rhea County).

Campbell County

Population: 40,696
County Mayor: Hon. William Baird
County Seat: Jacksboro
Government: www.campbellcountytn.com
Education: www.campbell.k12.tn.us
Chamber of Commerce: www.campbellcountychamber.com
Tourism: www.visitcampbell.com


Fentress County

Population: 17,946
County Executive: Hon. W. Frank Smith
County Seat: Jamestown
Government: www.forwardfentress.org
Education: fentress.k12tn.net
Chamber of Commerce: www.jamestowntn.org
Tourism: www.bigsouthfork.org


Morgan County

Population: 21,998
County Executive: Hon. Don Edwards
County Seat: Wartburg
Government: www.morgancountytn.org
Education: www.mcsed.net
Chamber of Commerce: www.morgancountychamber.com
Tourism: www.morgancountytn.org/tourism.htm


Pickett County

Population: 5,061
County Executive: Hon. Johnie Neal
County Seat: Byrdstown
Government: www.dalehollow.com/info-resources/government
Education: pickett.k12tn.net
Chamber of Commerce: www.dalehollow.com


Rhea County

Population: 31,842
County Executive: Hon. George Thacker
County Seat: Dayton
Government: www.rheacountytn.com
Education: www.rheacounty.org
Chamber of Commerce: www.daytontnchamber.org , www.springcitychamberofcommerce.com


Roane County

Population: 54,091
County Executive: Hon. Ron Woody
County Seat: Kingston
Government: www.roanegov.org
Education: www.roaneschools.com
Chamber of Commerce: www.roanealliance.org
Tourism: www.roanetourism.com


Scott County

Population: 22,231
County Mayor: Hon. Jeff Tibbals
County Seat: Huntsville
Government: www.scottcounty.com
Education: www.scottcounty.net
Chamber of Commerce: www.scottcountychamber.com
Tourism: www.discoverscott.com